My Book of Drawings

This is my first notebook full of drawings that I ever kept, dating back to 1990. I kept every page in tact so you can see them as they were. Looking through every pic, you can tell what my interests were at that time in my life. And even though it isn’t in the notebook anymore, Stephen’s Wacky Maze was birthed here. The scan quality of these pictures was hard to adjust any darker, so some of the pages look faded. If I can ever improve the picture quality, I will replace the old pic for higher quality pics.

-Stephen White



In my usual fashion, I made a sequel book of drawings. As I recall this is circa 1992 and I had this notebook with me while I was spending the night with my grandparents. I spent most of the evening drawing a good portion of the sketches in this book. Some have a story and some don’t. Unfortunately, the quality is lacking due to the limits of scanning and no amount of color adjustments seemed to help. I hope you enjoy this peek of the past, despite those issues.

-Stephen White


There had to be a trilogy of books because I’m weird like that. The first book was a genuine book of drawings with no rhyme or reason. It just was. The last two were intentional, this one more so than the last. Not sure why I felt it necessary to do this, but kids are stupid sometimes and this was one of my moments. There are some interesting bits inside though.

-Stephen White


One day I decided to go all George Lucas on my drawing books and redraw them. What I really did is redraw some of the pictures from each book, making it more of a “greatest hits” style presentation. Because I’ve never had the foresight to date anything, I have to guess when I did this and based on the art style, I’d say early 2000s.

-Stephen White

I’m glad I’ve held onto these notebooks for so long. Hopefully, they can be seen as fun throwbacks or even inspiration for other artists who think they aren’t good enough and will never be good enough.