Man Cave

Man Cave was the brainchild of Stephen White and Todd Stark. Starting as an idea inspired by the title “The Chesterfield Murphys,” the two began jotting down ideas for two guys to get mixed up in. Eventually, Stephen took those ideas and developed six scripts based around those ideas and worked to flesh out the characters beyond one note.

Committing to a strict shooting schedule, the duo was able to film six episodes between February and July of 2013 with a release date of the first episode being June 30th, 2013. The entire experience taught Stephen quite a bit about what it takes to shoot a narrative sitcom. As producer of the first season, he wanted to give some creative freedoms to everyone involved so it felt like a group effort. However, the experiment didn’t quite work as expected. So, when the time came to film season two, he committed to taking the reigns and running a much tighter ship. Something that shows in season two’s overall production.

The timespan between season one and two was due to personal conflicts and a lack of time due to them. A third season is on the table. But only time will tell if and when it happens.

SEASON 1 (2013)

These are the misadventures of Cash and Felix, their pal Toe, and all anyone else unfortunate enough to be dragged in.

Episode 1: Pilot
Episode 2: Crush
Episode 3: Reality Shows 101
Episode 4: Home Repairs
Episode 5: Breach
Episode 6: Family

SEASON 2 (2017)

After 4 long years, Cash and Felix return with a new cave, new faces and new problems.

Episode 1: New Beginnings
Episode 2: Sleepover
Episode 3: Felix
Episode 4: Tag Team Turmoil
Episode 5: Get a Clue
Episode 6: From Here On Out



Hear behind-the-scenes stories told by Stephen White, Todd Stark and Katrina Mason.

Inside the Man Cave pt. 1
Inside the Man Cave pt. 2



To be concluded…