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Welcome to the Palace of Megapixels! We are a video game podcast talking about the most recent news in the gaming world, as well as doing game reviews, retrospectives, insights, interviews and whatever else we can think of.

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The State of Rhode Island vs. 38 Studios Super Mega Crash Bros. Turbo

This week, we're examining a story involving a man's desire to create the greatest video game and a state's drive to help him achieve that goal. Website: Twitter: @SuperMegaCrash Instagram: TikTok: Join us on Discord HERE Email: Patreon: Theme music composed by Setsuo Yamamoto/ arranged and performed by FamilyJules Subscribe to Family Jules HERE — Support this podcast:
  1. The State of Rhode Island vs. 38 Studios
  2. Drivergate
  3. Super Mini Crash Pods: Not Enough Time in the Day
  4. Terror of Hemasaurus
  5. 2022 Game Awards Winners
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Stephen White is the host, editor, writer, and producer of Super Mega Crash Bros. Turbo. He developed the idea based on a suggestion from Man Cave co-star, Todd Stark. He structured most of the show’s current format which continues to evolve and become more streamlined. He also designs a new icon for each episode every week, featuring 8-bit characterizations of himself and his co-hosts.

Laceya Finley is the current co-host and co-writer of Super Mega Crash Bros. Turbo. She joined the show in 2018 doing the occasional game review but has now taken over the role of news reporter. She is a former streamer on Twitch and Mixer, has performed in a few projects such as La Méchante Reine and Chicago P.D. She’s an avid lover of FMV games and the future ex-wife of Bruce Campbell.

Todd Stark is the co-creator and occasional co-host of Super Mega Crash Bros. Turbo. Inspired by other video game podcasts, he pitched the concept to his Man Cave co-star, Stephen White in hopes of seeing his idea come to light. He is a die-hard PlayStation supporter, a lifelong fan of the New York Yankees, and all-around lover of everything zombies. He left the show in 2019 due to personal reasons but has made several appearances since then.

John Taylor was present from the first episode of Super Mega Crash Bros. Turbo, starting as a silent background researcher, who then became a third co-host by episode 2. He appeared for most episodes during the first year but permanently left the show after episode 28 to focus on his family.

Jules Conroy aka Family Jules is the artist responsible for the intro and outro theme of the podcast. He is best known for his metal covers of popular video game music, featured on his YouTube channel of the same name. He has arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered over a hundred covers and medleys of his favorite video game music into various genres such as Rock, Metal, Acoustic and even Ska, Reggae and Jazz. He has been praised by numerous composers in the video game industry, and currently has over 200 videos, 515k subscribers and over 20 million total YouTube views. Click the pic to check out his channel.


Three surviving VODs of the short-lived live Twitch show.