Super Mega Crash Adventures


Super Mega Crash Adventures is an animated comedy produced by Pencil & Paper Animation and distributed by Pencil & Paper Productions. The concept of the show was based around the idea of foreign characters invading another video game as seen in the icon art for the podcast, Super Mega Crash Bros. Turbo.

Stephen White, Laceya Finley and Todd Stark voice their 8-bit counterparts as they traverse the vast video game universe, attempting to lend a hand when trouble arrives. Unfortunately, their actions don’t always benefit anyone. The first episode premiered on a live Super Mega Crash Bros. Turbo Twitch stream in November of 2018. It was until July 13th, 2021 before it was officially released to the public on YouTube.

Initially, the show was meant to be a featured segment on Twitch as part of the Super Mega Crash Bros. Turbo live stream. After the stream was officially cancelled, the idea of further adapting the series began. The original concept was to be one-off adventures in a different game. However, an idea came about that would create a connected narrative which led to the development of a 12-episode season. While the plan was to wait to release the season in its entirety when production was completed, time has set production back drastically which has led to a more erratic release schedule.

Episode 1: A Princess, Indeed
Episode 2: A Wily Predicament
Episode 3: A Complicated Curse
Episode 4: Inner Space