Savor the Flavor

Join Stephen White and his wife Katrina as they explore various foods along with an array of guests.

Savor the Flavor is a food sampling show hosted by Stephen White and Katrina White. The concept initially started on Slapdash Spazmodic, but quickly evolved into its own thing. The initial concept was to try new snack foods that were being released to the public to present an assessment to the audience on whether they could recommend the snack being tested.

Early in production, Stephen and Katrina were joined by their daughter, Starla Leigh (under the alias Crash) who would occasionally do dare challenges with some of the snacks. George Willard (Porter from Porter & Ale) also dropped in for a few episodes as well. The series came to a halt in 2019 with only one episode being produced in 2020, mainly due to Covid. It is unclear if the show will return.

—————————————-SAVOR THE FLAVOR—————————————-

——————————CRASH TAKES IT ALL——————————