Inspired by a Weeaboo!

An anime appreciation podcast hosted by Katrina White where she introduces various anime that she loves to her husband, Stephen White.

Katrina White is the host of Inspired by a Weeaboo! She has been featured in episodes of Man Cave, Porter & Ale, Savor the Flavor and most recently Super Mega Crash Adventures. She had discussed wanting to do a podcast with her husband, Stephen, on several occasions. Stephen had heard a concept featuring one person introducing another person to a movie or TV show and getting their take on it. With Katrina being a huge anime fan and Stephen being a casual one, the idea was a no-brainer and thus the show was born.

Stephen White is the co-host, editor, and producer of Inspired by a Weeaboo! While not a huge anime fan, he has expressed interest in some that have been presented and less in others. However, for the sake of content, he’s willing to give them a watch.

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