Cinema Salsa

A film podcast featuring hosts Phillip Peck and Stephen White discussing different facets of film culture and the film industry.


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Phillip Peck is the co-host and editor of Cinema Salsa and the initial creator of the show. After working on two different projects together, Phillip pitched the idea of a podcast to Stephen White. After settling on what the format should be, ideas began to flow, and the show quickly took shape.

Phillip came to video production and filmmaking a bit later in life, but since graduating with an M.F.A. in Film and Creative Media from Lipscomb University, he’s been full speed ahead. He’s shot lots of live events, anything from concerts, weddings, corporate seminars, to TED talks. And also promotional ads for Nashville businesses like Slim & Huskies, Daddy’s Dogs, and the Mac Shack. He previously worked with Stephen on the Porter & Ale special at the Blackstone Brewery.

Stephen White is host and producer of Cinema Salsa. Eager to start his own film podcast that stood apart from numerous others, Stephen jumped at the chance to help create the pod. After only editing the first episode, Stephen has kept his focus for this pod on wide distribution and good topics.