The Vault

These are the numerous projects that are either collaborative projects, failed experiments, or a particular piece of media that doesn’t not fit under any specific box.


Godzilla in Christmas Village was my first official film project, produced in 1998. Using a basic home camcorder, I utilized a decorative Christmas village with an animatronic “Zilla” toy and came up with the idea on the spot. The original VHS cut of the film featured music and sounds played off-camera on a stereo system and ad-libbed dialogue to form a story of sorts. That cut has been lost to time.

Godzilla in Christmas Village Remastered

This enhanced remaster improves the sound quality, adds scripted dialogue and sound effects plus digital effects. The picture quality was enhanced to the best it could be, considering the source. While not to be considered a lost gem, it’s a fun look back of where things began.


Fandom Ultra 2000 was a podcast released in 2018 featuring George Willard and Stephen White (Porter & Ale), discussing film in a fictional setting aboard a lost space vessel. While the concept itself was novel, the interest to record always seemed lacking. Only three episodes were ever produced.

FANDOM ULTRA 2000 – Stardate: 05011.8 – Starting Pilots
FANDOM ULTRA 2000 – Stardate: 06091.8 – DC Comics and Anime Fights
FANDOM ULTRA 2000 – Stardate: 06301.8 – Captain’s Logs and Ship Repairs


The Adventures of Anakin was a 4-episode series that premiered in 2011. The concept came from an idea that would have had the shorts themselves be interstitials for another show being developed. However, the overall concept of these interstitials would have been based around the idea that became the very first short. Once the other show idea fell by the wayside, I decided to produce a few shorts based around simple concepts that could be comedic.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

I was only able to produced four episodes before turning his attention to other projects. I always had ideas for other shorts but never found the time to produce them.



The Chesterfield Murphys was film and entertainment news show that premiered in 2012. Only two episodes were produced, mainly due to the time it took to produce such a show. I knew after two episodes that I would not be able to maintain the production on his own, so I decided to can the project.


The Follower was a short film project written and directed by William Patrick in 2005 that was meant to be a companion piece to another short film he directed called Kult. The story of Kult revolved around a married woman having an affair with another member of the religious cult they were both a part of. The cult discovers their sins and attempts to punish them, but quickly are made aware that the woman is pregnant, making her untouchable in their eyes despite her sin.

The events of the Follower were to take place simultaneously with Kult, following a wannabe cult member named Kyle Black. The connective tissue between both shorts was the character of John Mann, who was the husband of the aforementioned woman, seen at the beginning of the Follower.

The short was recovered from an old DVD-R disc containing the short in four segments. While no visual remaster has been performed, I created several edits to the material for pacing purposes, as well as added music and updated credits.

The Follower

I have no preconceived notions that this is some lost classic. In fact, I struggle to watch it due to my questionable acting skills and pretentious editing. This version is my attempt to make it more watchable. However, without the original footage to correct every little thing, this is the best I could do.


Punchline for the Reptoids was a project written and directed by William Patrick (under the pseudonym W. Mortimer), edited by Stephen White, produced by Carcarrion Films and distributed by Pencil & Paper Productions.

Punchline for the Reptoids
Director’s Commentary


Smith County Help Center Christmas PSA

This is the public service announcement I did for the Smith County Help Center of Smith County, Tennessee. It has been running locally on DTC3 TV, which is based in Alexandria, TN and broadcasts to over 5 counties.

During production of season one of Man Cave, Paiton Stark was eager to be on camera. So, for fun, Stephen White indulged her desire and filmed this segment for her.

The Paiton Show
Super Ron Fundraiser ad

Also during the production of season one of Man Cave, Todd Stark and Stephen White attempted to kickstart a fundraiser to help Ronnie Lawson, who had undergone his 3rd surgery for a brain tumor. The idea was to reach 1M views, then donate all proceeds to the Super Ron Foundation. Unfortunately, the call to action fell on deaf ears.


Here are projects that never made it beyond a concept trailer. Most of these projects were set to be fully produced, but something hindered production and ultimately stopped the project completely.

Revenge for Murder 2 (original concept trailer)
Revenger for Murder 2 teaser trailer
The Return of the Witch Sisters teaser trailer